Beaches with pools for all ages, many water sports, volleyball, mini golf, tennis courts, playground, amusement park. Aqua Park Istralandia only 5 km away ...

Novigrad offers numerous events in the summer, be it concerts, children's shows, gourmet festivals or sports competitions.

His fishing tradition is presented by Novigrad at the tastiest Gnam Gnam festivals featuring sardines, sole, scallops and other seafood and asparagus.

Children will enjoy street magic festivals when the streets are full of clowns, jugglers and stilt-walkers.

The Novigrad summer nights are often an opportunity to observe the starry sky with a telescope or to attend concerts of young musicians. Something for the whole family.

Top 7 events in Novigrad

  1. The feast of St. Pelagius on music, dancing, delicious food and wine
  2. Astro-Party Lunasa with observations of celestial bodies and music
  3. Evenings of street wizards with acrobatics, tightrope dancing and other circus numbers
  4. Parkfest - urban music festival
  5. Photo ex Tempore, international autumn competition of photography
  6. Folklore evenings "Ethno under the bell tower"

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